Chef Instructors at JNA Institute of Culinary Arts

Now its time to meet the JNA Staff.   First up, the Chef Instructors!

Chef Instructor Bios

Chef Robert Patton

Chef Robert Patton, Director of Corporate Development /  Corporate Executive Chef for Unclue Oogie’s, received an Associates Degree from the Restaurant School and then went onto receiving his Bachelor of Schiences from Temple University.  Chef Patton also provides Food Service Training and Consulting in the Philadelphia area.

Soon after college, Chef Patton went on to become the Executive Chef / Partner at Aspen Restaurant.  In 2002, Chef Patton decided to go back to The Restaurant School – teaching that is.    From 2002 – 2008 he taught courses which included instruction at Associate and Baccalaureate levels of Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, and Hotel and Restaurant Management courses.  

 With his Bachelors Degree in hand, he is currently Director of Corporate Development / Corporate Executive Chef at Uncle Oogie’s located in Philadelphia.  Still wanting to teach all that he knows, he joined the faculty at JNA teaching instruction at Associate level of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management courses.

Chef Robert Fox

Chef Robert Fox began his culinary career in the 80’s while attending Temple University’s School of Music and has worked as a chef, general manager, and consultant in several Philadelphia restaurants. He earned his degree in Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management from JNA Institute of Culinary Arts in 2000.

 Chef Fox brings his enthusiasm and passion for food to JNA and hopes to communicate those qualities to our students.  Chef Fox teaches the hands-on Restaurant Management classes, including Managing Food Service.  He passes on his extensive industry knowledge to help build future chefs and restaurant managers every day.

 Chef Robert Rifkin

Chef Rifkin is currently a Chef Instructor at JNA Institute of Culinary Arts and his enthusiasm makes it is clear that his love of the restaurant business started early. Growing up in his family’s restaurants put him on the natural course to pursuing his culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America and opening his own catering operation before growing into the Marriott Corporation.

 His twenty year career with the Marriott Corporation allowed him to hold numerous positions in the restaurant industry, from Sous Chef, Executive Chef, General Manager, Regional Culinary Director and National Culinary Development team member. His experience with Marriott allows him to cross-over business lines from hotel, education and healthcare divisions. He has also been given opportunities to chair for the Nation chef’s association, Nation Restaurant association, American Culinary Federation and become an Excalibur member for the American Cancer Society.

 Over the past several years he has traveled extensively throughout the United States, engaging in the diverse regional cuisines of our nation. He imparts his unique experiences to the students of JNA every day.

 Chef Richard L Angelillo

Chef Richard Angelillo, Pastry Sous Chef for Striped Bass, attended Middlesex County College studying in the Fine Arts Program, while working in the bakery department at Pathmark Supermarket as a cake decorator.  After two years at Middlesex, Chef Richard decided to pursue his love of Pastry by studying Pastry Arts at the New York Restaurant School. 

 While in Pastry school, he worked as an assistant for a catering company producing wedding cakes and other fine pastries.  After Pastry school, he worked at The Frog and the Peach, helping with the production of breads, pastries, sorbets and other pastries.  He also managed the pastry kitchen in the absence of the pastry chef.  From 2000-2001 Chef Richard worked as an Assistant Pastry Chef at SoHo on George St in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  From 2003-2006 he worked at Petit 4 Pastry Studio, in charge of preparation and production of all pastries, menu planning and creating and executing new desserts.

 In 2006, he wanted to learn more and to expand his knowledge of pastry and artistry; so he attended the I.C.E and studied Sugar Artistry.  By 2006, he started his current career at Striped Bass.  Chef Richard started as the Pastry Sous Chef and is currently the Executive Pastry Chef where he manages the pastry staff, develops the dessert menu and works  with the Executive Chef developing the special occasion menus.  Chef Richard is the newest addition to the JNA family and he brings his passion for food to JNA Institute and hopes to pass on his passion to the new students that he teaches. 

 Chef Michael Giletto

Chef Michael C. Giletto, Executive Chef for Cherry Valley Country Club, developed his love of culinary arts at the age of six while growing up in New Jersey around his family’s Italian restaurant, Gilletto’s Rancocos Inn.  His ability to effortlessly assemble an exceptional dining experience has allowed Chef Giletto to excel in his career. Mere months after graduating from the JNA Institute of the Culinary Arts in Philadelphia, he was awarded the “Chef of the Year Award” from the American Culinary Foundation (ACF) in 2002. Soon after, Chef Giletto became the Executive Chef for the Peacock Inn’s Le Plumet Royale and the four-star restaurant was awarded the distinguished James Beard Award for the “great Country Inn Chef’s Series” (2003). Giletto’s laudable Chef of the Year nomination from Chef Magazine in 2006 was followed by the National recognition of being appointed the Celebrated Chef for the National Pork Board (2006). Giletto continues to thrive since being named Winning Chef for the National Cattleman’s Beef Backer Award in February of last year in Reno, Nevada (2008).

 After working as the lead Food Stylist for the Book and the Cook Fair in 2005, Giletto’s talents were recognized by Food Network’s Cat Cora. Since then, Giletto has received cooking spots on “Iron Chef,” appearing as one of Cat Cora’s competition Sous-chefs. Most recently, Giletto has appeared on the Food Network’s Culinary Competitions, “Chopped” and “Ultimate Recipe Showdown.” He also competed on The Tyra Banks Show and won the title of “Top Pop Chef.”

 Currently, Chef Giletto can be found in Skillman, NJ at the Cherry Valley Country Club where he has been the Executive Chef for five years. Giletto has played an integral role in Cherry Valley’s culinary transformation, significantly changing the club’s cuisine from basic continental fare to a menu with an upscale worldly flair. Though his management responsibilities at Cherry Valley take up much of Giletto’s time, he regularly visits the JNA Institute to teach classes and offer cooking demonstrations as adjunct faculty.

 Chef Michael DeLuca

Chef Deluca was born and raised in South Philadelphia, and lived in a modest home only one block from the Italian Market. Needless to say, his close proximity to one of the largest resources for fresh and authentic produce and food products in Philadelphia influenced Chef Deluca’s path toward a culinary career. He began cooking at a very young age, helping out at his family’s restaurant.

 Chef DeLuca has been an instructor at JNA Institute of Culinary Arts for more than ten years now and he wouldn’t trade his job for any job in the world. He enjoys watching the fine young ladies and gentlemen that make up JNA’s students succeed. In addition to being a fabulous and inspiring mentor to his students, Chef Deluca is also a certified Food Management Professional (FMP) along with being a Certified Culinary Instructor (CCI).

He is married to a beautiful lady named Elaine, and he has three really cool kids, Michael Jr., Marco and his princess MariaElena.

And every week, I will be posting Q&A with a chef instructor.

Do you have a particular question to ask?  Post a question and I will make sure to ask the chef instructor.


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